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9 Things You Need To Survive Postpartum That No One Tells You About

9 Things You Need To Survive Postpartum That No One Tells You About

I felt like I did a fair amount of research while pregnant with my first baby to try and figure out what I needed, not only for him, but for myself after delivering. I still had no idea that I would need certain products for the next couple of weeks to help my body heal. Some of these products are supplied during the hospital stay but it's nice to have an extra one or two for when you get home. Thankfully Matt's aunt was sweet enough to get me a little mommy gift bag with some of these items in it, but this time around with baby number two, I'm going to make sure I'm prepared, just in case!

Dermoplast Anesthetic Pain Relieving Spray

This is a spray you use... Ehr ehrm.. down there. It's cooling and feels really nice for the nether regions haha

Maximum Strength Medicated Wipes

I didn't get hemorrhoids, but it is known to happen and whether you get them or not, the witch hazel in these feel really soothing.

Squart bottle

This is something you don't have to purchase, my hospital supplied me with one, but it's just nice to know that this is something you will be using. You'll be filling it with warm water and using it instead of toilet paper. 

Breastfeeding can be hard! Here is my experience breastfeeding and products that helped me adjust postpartum.

Mesh panties

These were great (Some people seem to hate them) but I thought they were comfy and they're disposable so you don't have to worry about messing up your regular undies. The hospital also supplies you with these and gave me a couple extra to go home with but having a few more for the first few days back home would have been nice. 

Hypericum & Calendula Cream

Sooo I was actually feeling great and healing well and then about a week postpartum, the hubby and I decided to go for a long walk. I really wish I would've been easier on my body, I mean, I did just push a baby out after all. After that I started feeling pain and it wouldnt go away. I found out that one of the stitches had separated too soon and there was nothing they would do about it. So I finally read about this cream and ordered it. The pain seemed to go away not too long after, thank goodness. You probably only need this if something similar happens to you, but I thought I'd mention it!

Sits Bath

This is literally just a bath you sit in lol. I guess sitting the warm water helps you heal faster. They recommended I do this a couple times a day for about 10 minutes or so.

Nursing Tank

This one is a no brainer but I actually didn't buy any of these until after I had Eden. I wish i would have bought a few in advance so I didn't have to worry about going to the store and they also would've been great to have in the hospital. I tried the ones from Target and didn't like how loose they fit at the bottom. I prefer these ones from H&M.

Comfy Pajamas/Sweats

Also a no brainer but you'll want to live in these the first few days after giving birth!

Last but not least....


This one is kind of funny and I was almost embarrassed to have these in my fridge but these were amazing and felt so nice! Here's what you need:

Large pads

Aloe Vera

Witch Hazel (Love this one)

Lavender essential oil

Apply the aloe vera, witch hazel, and lavender oil to each pad, then fold them back up with the wrapping and put them in a large ziplock bag. Put them in the fridge or leave them room temp (The aloe will still be pretty cool) and use them as needed postpartum. You'll thank me later!

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