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Baby Number Two Registry Essentials

Baby Number Two Registry Essentials

Baby registry essentials for baby number two

1. Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller, Graphite - I've been doing my research on the best affordable stroller options, and I love the versatility with this one. You can take off one of the seats and attach your carseat,  have the babies face each other, face forward, or even lay back if they dose off. The bottom cart has a lot of room and you can get to it from either side of the stroller and the larger tires help for maneuvering. This is a great stroller for the price!

2. Nurselet Nursing Bracelet - I wish I had this with my first little guy. These hold up your shirt while you're nursing and you can also wear it as a bracelet to remember which side you nursed on last.

3. Medela SoftShells - I talked about this in "My Experience Breastfeeding and Products That Helped Post." These are great for keeping your nipples dry and away from fabric that irritates them. 

4. White Noise Sound Machine, Black - If you're on your second baby, you know toddlers and kids can be very loud. This will ensure your newborn doesn't get woken up mid nap!

5. Parker Baby Co. Diaper Backpack - I love this backpack diaper bag! I couldn't imagine having two babies and carrying a normal cross body or shoulder bag.

6. Diono Super Mat Seat Protector with Organizer, Black - Something I didn't think about until Eden started eating actual food, but my car seats get so dirty. These are definitely a must have!

7. SwaddleMe Pod - I love the fact that you can zip these up. It makes it so much more convenient then velcro.

8. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles - Eden loved this kind of bottle the most. Every baby is different but they worked with him so hopefully our new little guy will love them too.

9. Goumikids Baby Mittens - The normal mittens seem to squeeze baby's wrist and/or fall right off. I really like how these are softer and tighten with velcro so they stay put!

10.  4moms MamaRoo 4 Infant Seat - Our MamaRoo was a lifesaver, Eden loved it! We have the older version and were lucky enough to get ours from a friend, for a good deal, so we will most liking be using the one we have, but the new ones look amazing!

11. Dreambaby Adjustable Backseat Mirror - A huge complaint with backseat mirrors is that you can't adjust it the way you'd like so you can actually see you little babe in the backseat. This one is awesome because its completely adjustable!

12. NursElet Multifunctional Nursing Scarf - What I love about this nursing scarf compared to my previous one, is that this one lets you keep one of your arms out, which will be so much easier while nursing! 

13. The Original Milk Snob Infant Car Seat Cover - I didn't have a carseat cover the first time around, I would just throw a blanket over. It was always slipping off and blowing up in the wind. This one from MilkSnob is great. You can pull it down easily to see baby and you don't have to worry about it blowing up if its windy. 

That sums up my list of baby essentials! What is something you couldn't live without with your first, or second baby? 

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