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What's In My Hospital Bag

What's In My Hospital Bag

Being a first time mama I wasn't sure what all was necessary to take to the hospital, but after looking at quite a few websites and lists, I think I have a pretty good idea of what I will need! I actually had a lot of fun gathering everything together, I love being organized and having everything ready to go. This seems like a long list but mostly everything fits in my pretty small duffle bag besides Matt's daddy bag items and babies going home bag. So without further ado, here's whats in my hospital bag!

Pajamas - I got mine from Victoria Secret. They were kind of pricey but they're super comfy and button up which will be easy for nightly nursing. After I bought them I read that you should bring dark pajamas because of everything going on down there. Eek! So you may want to keep that in mind.


Slippers - Also purchased at Victoria Secret. I recommend ones that easily slide on and off with no effort and have hard soles.

Comfy socks - I got mine from Target. They're super soft and comfy.

Dark colored boy shorts - Again, from Victoria Secret - Some people seem to hate the hospital mesh panties, some don't seem to mind, so I'm just bringing these to be safe and it doesn't hurt to have them for when you go home anyway.

**Update: The mesh panties at the hospital are the best. I found out real soon, you won't want to be put your normal undies on.

Picture Outfit/Going home outfit - I'm just bringing a sweater/shirt, black leggings, and flats.

Nursing bras - I'm bringing one for sleeping and another one to wear under my going home clothes. I got them from Target and from trying them on, they seem pretty comfy. I also like that the daily bra is actually pretty cute. I purchased both nude and black for various outfits. You can find them here and here. By the way they are very affordable compared to other nursing brands I've seen/tried on.

**Update: After wearing the bras mentioned above (the ones with the underwire) I've realized  they are REALLY uncomfortable. After nursing for a few weeks I've found that I really love these bras to sleep in and wear around the house and this bra to wear when going out and about. They look the same but the one from Motherhood seems a little better quality and gives you a little more support. I also love regular sports bras that can be easily pulled up to nurse and they seem to give a lot of support and are very comfortable.

Hair ties/Headbands - I got my headbands from Forever 21. You can find them here and here.

Straw water bottle

**Update: I ended up just using the cup they give you, it was just a lot easier.


Makeup/Makeup brushes - I got the black and floral makeup bags from Forever 21, just incase you were wondering!

Face wash and facial cleansing wipes -I love the Burt's Bees Cleansing Towelettes

Body wash



Bath pillow

Coconut oil - I use it to take off I makeup, for moisturizer, and I figure it may be a good solution along with lanolin for dry/sore nipples


Lip balm - I hear this is a must! I love the Eos Coconut Milk flavor

Dry Shampoo - I also threw in small bottles of shampoo and conditioner but will most likely only be using dry shampoo.


Hard Candy


Pediatrician Info

After Delivery Items

Disposable nursing pads


Hand sanitizer

Medela Tender Care Lanolin

Nipple soothing gel pads

Boppy Pillow - I got my pillow cover from  Caden Lane and I love it, and it was pretty inexpensive compared to others. 

Nursing Cover - I loooove the one I got. You can find it here. I have the black and white striped one.

Corset and Genie Waist Trainer - I purchased a Waisted by Keke Corset initially and because it has clips instead of velcro, I was afraid it wouldn't fit right away. I hope one of them fit because I read on another blog that she put hers on two hours after having her baby and her belly was non existent after only a few weeks. Fingers crossed!

**Update: I'm sooo glad I brought the Genie Waist Trainer, I definitely think that's why my tummy shrank so fast and the Waisted by KeKe Corset didn't fit for a couple weeks.

Baby Bag

I couldn't find any decent priced diaper bags that I liked, so I'll just be using this Nine West bag for baby.

Going home outfit - I'm bringing a newborn size outfit and a 0-3 month outfit just incase.






Burp cloth

Daddy's Bag

Change of clothes

Going home outfit

Sleep Clothes







Tech Bag





Welp, that's everything! I have two and a half weeks until my due date. Eek!

Is there something you wish you brought to the hospital that you didn't, or vice versa? Let me know in the comments below!

This is the best list I've found of what to put in my hospital bag!
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