Our Maternity Photos | 31 Weeks!

Hello Lovlies,

I haven't been able to take as many photos as I probably would have because life has been so hectic with our home remodel, so I knew I at least wanted to get a professional shoot done to commemorate my belly and our precious baby inside. I love how enchanting they look. Our photographers are amazing and shot our wedding as well. You can check out some of their other work here. Enjoy!

I was 31 weeks here, which I think was the perfect time to take them. My belly wasn't too big or too small. I am now almost 34 weeks and only have a few weeks to go! This pregnancy has flown by and has shown me that when baby gets here, I really need to slow down and enjoy each day with my little guy, because I know it's going to go by so fast. 

Dress // Purchased here