Losing a pet while Pregnant

Watching sappy commercials is hard enough while you're pregnant, let alone losing a member of your family. When I lost my dog while pregnant, I searched online for similar stories to relate to, and to try and find a glimmer of hope, that maybe one day, I'd feel better, so I thought I'd share my story. If you lost a pet and you're pregnant, I know you're having a hard time but I've experienced it, and it will get better, I promise you. I was about two months along when I got a text from my brother saying my dog, who I got from a lady down the street when I was only 15, had gotten out of my parents yard, and that they couldn't find her. I was out of town at the time which made me feel so helpless. This had happened a few times before over the 10 years I had her and she always returned home, so I was worried, but I didn't really think I would never see my puppy again. Days passed and she still hadn't returned home. I put up flyers, made reports to the shelters, and put an ad in our local newspaper. People were so kind and called me thinking they may have found my dog but it never turned out to be her. I cried and cried, I just wanted her home. I was envisioning the worst and I felt that I might be causing my baby stress with all of the crying and worrying. Weeks had passed and still nothing. My mom was so sad for me and told me to ask God to heal my heart. I prayed that over and over and honestly, it started to help. Yes, my heart was still broken, but it was starting to mend. About a month had gone by and my husband was at the shelter looking at the dogs and they asked if he had looked at the deceased animal pickup log. We hadn't, so he looked at it and on the day she went missing, they picked up a dog describing her, right near my parents house. He called me and the pain rushed back, I broke down. She was my best friend, she was there when I was happy, when I was sad. She had the sweetest personality. She would jump into her dog carrier if she knew I was leaving, hoping I'd take her with me, and when Matt would get the dogs ready for a walk she would run to the room I was in so excitedly making sure I was coming too. I never wanted her to leave this earth in such a horrific way, but I assure you time really does heal all wounds and I can now cherish the time I spent with her and the memories I have of her. You may think you love your pet more than anything, but when that baby comes, you will feel no greater love.

As for my son, he is almost eleven months and is perfectly fine, in fact, he's such a good baby! The stress of losing a pet while pregnant didn't effect him like I was worried it would. He is perfect. So, if you are worried that you are hurting your baby, rest assured that your baby will be just fine, and work through your emotions. It may take time but you will feel better.