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DIY Growth Chart

DIY Growth Chart

I saw this piece of wood in our garage leftover from our house renovation and thought it would be the perfect size to make Eden's growth chart! Btw, where has my baby gone!? He's already growing up so fast! Sometimes I wish things would slow down but then I think about how much stronger and smarter he's getting each day and how his personality is shining through. So even though I want him to be my little baby forever, I'm glad he's growing into such a strong boy. I look forward to every stage with him... Except maybe the teenage years, now that I'm a little worried about but, hopefully he will take after Matthew and be a good kid, because Lord knows I was a bit mischievous!

growth chart.jpg

What you need:

1"x7"x5 1/2' Piece of wood. I'm not exactly sure what specific size they sell but that's what mine measured as.

Wood Stain - Check out the DIY wood stain I used here.

White Paint - I just used the chalk paint I already had but acrylic would work too.

Black Acrylic Paint - Mine is actually more like an off black with blue undertones. It's call pavement and I got it at Walmart in the craft section.

Stencils - I found mine at walmart in the craft section

You don't have to use the same colors of course! 

First I stained the wood using a painters rag

You can see how the DIY stain is gradually changing the color of the wood.

I let the stain dry and then made two stencils for the chevron pattern out of cardboard and painted in between. I made one of these for my friend after I made this one and instead, I only made one stencil and drew the pattern on the board with a pencil every four inches and then just painted in between the lines. That was actually a lot easier.

I forgot to take pictures when I painted on the numbers, but you get the idea. I did the first foot 6" from the bottom, instead of 12" because you hang it 6" off of the ground, if that makes sense!

Eden kept starring at it so I think he likes it!

Now we can keep track of this fast growing boy!


I hope this inspires you!

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