DIY Burp Cloths

I've heard cloth diapers are the best to use as burp cloths. I only had a few burp cloths and thought I could use more so I ran out to get some. I got them at Target and they came in a pack of 10. They aren't very cute, I guess they don't really need to be, your baby will be spitting up on these, but whatevs. I went and got some fabric at Joann's to spice them up a little. Does anyone else have a hard time picking out fabric? I was there for at least 30-40 minutes trying to find a fabric I liked. I finally decided on some, the same fabric I'd previously made a blanket for baby with. I couldn't resist, its super cute! So here is how to make the burp cloths more attractive.

BTW this is a great project for beginner sewers, it's very easy. I basically taught myself how to sew and honestly don't really know what I'm doing.

First, cut out a template as big as you want to cover the middle section of the burp cloth. I used a cereal box.

Place it on top of your fabric and cut your fabric a little bigger than your template. this leaves room to fold the fabric under to give it a finished look.

Iron the fabric around your template. You can skip this step but I found it easier to pin the fabric down after it was ironed because it stayed put.

Flip the fabric over on top of the burp cloth, fold under and pin down.

Now sew the fabric around the edge and you're done!

They also make great gifts and are easy to store. Just roll them up and stick them in the drawer!

If you have any questions please comment below!