How To Take a Pregnancy Silhouette Picture

I've seen these cute silhouette pictures on Pinterest and thought I better hurry and try it, I only have a few more days of pregnancy left, if that! It was hard for me to find a "how to" post, so I thought I'd do one myself. All you do is set your camera up on something or use a tripod, set the timer, and stand in front of your window with your arms under your belly. It would probably be easier with someones help but my hubby was at work. I chose to look at the camera because I don't care much for my facial profile but it looks cute when looking straight or down at your belly. I took mine around 5:30pm when the sun was lower in the sky but I imagine any time would work.  I always use Picmonaey for editing. When you edit, play with the exposure settings and contrast. When I was happy with the contrast levels I went to effects and tried the Daguerreotype filter and thought it looked good. Just play around with it, every picture will need different settings! Hope this helps!