Pregnancy Pictures at Home

I'm running out of time to take pictures of my belly bump so I'm trying to get in a few cute ones before my water breaks! I'm no expert at photography but I recently learned a couple of tips that have really helped me when taking indoor photos so I thought I'd share them.

White Balance: If you have a DSLR camera you should be able to change the white balance for your photos. Every camera is different but on my Nikon D5200 you go to "Menu" then "Shooting Menu" Scroll down to "White Balance" and scroll down to "PRE: Preset Manual". It'll ask you to take a picture of a gray or white object. I usually just take a picture of the wall. The camera automatically sets the white balance for you! Look up video tutorials on how to do this on your specific camera. I love this feature and have been amazed at how much better my photos look indoors and even at night!

Aperture: Taking pictures with your aperture fully open will give you the best lighting for your indoor pictures.

That's all I got so I hope those tips help! I'm trying to learn more and more about my camera and photography.

I have a small gorillapod tripod I've been setting up to take pictures with. for these photos I just set the timer and posed. Once finished I used Picmonkey to edit my photos. I didn't want to over edit so I basically just used the focal soften option under effects and focused in on my belly. Simple as that! 


Hope you enjoyed! I'd love to see your pregnancy photos! Tag me @havendeannablog on Instagram to share them with me!