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DIY Daily Memory Calendar

DIY Daily Memory Calendar

I always want to be good about keeping track of funny or memorable things that happen in my life but it never tends to happen. My sister actually had me make one of these about three years ago. I filled out a lot of days but I didn't come close to doing every day for a full year. This upcoming year I'd like to try harder at writing a memory each day. I think it will be fun to look back on, especially since baby will be here soon I can document all of the wonderful memories we share with our little one! So let's get to it!


Turquoise Paper Baskets

Index Cards

Scrapbook Paper // Memory Tray Inserts

Date Stamp

Ink Pad (Not pictured)

I got everything except the index cards at Hobby Lobby. As you can see in the picture I found "Memory Tray Inserts." They were next to the stamps and all but two cards were the perfect size, so I opted to get these instead of going through the trouble of cutting my own scrapbook paper. Yeah, I'm lazy. 

So all you do is cut the index cards in half until you have enough for each day of the year and then stamp each one with the date and section off each month with the pretty paper, and thats it! You have a super cute calendar to write all of your funny, memorable, adventurous moments that you will hopefully be having in 2016!


Once you fill the cards up by the end of the year tie them together with a rubber band and place in a box to keep safe for future reminiscing and then refill your calendar with more index cards for the next year.

Hope you enjoyed! Now get to making those memories!

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