DIY Growth Chart

I saw this piece of wood in our garage leftover from our house renovation and thought it would be the perfect size to make Eden's growth chart! Btw, where has my baby gone!? He's already growing up so fast! Sometimes I wish things would slow down but then I think about how much stronger and smarter he's getting each day and how his personality is shining through. So even though I want him to be my little baby forever, I'm glad he's growing into such a strong boy. I look forward to every stage with him... Except maybe the teenage years, now that I'm a little worried about but, hopefully he will take after Matthew and be a good kid, because Lord knows I was a bit mischievous!

growth chart.jpg

What you need:

1"x7"x5 1/2' Piece of wood. I'm not exactly sure what specific size they sell but that's what mine measured as.

Wood Stain - Check out the DIY wood stain I used here.

White Paint - I just used the chalk paint I already had but acrylic would work too.

Black Acrylic Paint - Mine is actually more like an off black with blue undertones. It's call pavement and I got it at Walmart in the craft section.

Stencils - I found mine at walmart in the craft section

You don't have to use the same colors of course! 

First I stained the wood using a painters rag

You can see how the DIY stain is gradually changing the color of the wood.

I let the stain dry and then made two stencils for the chevron pattern out of cardboard and painted in between. I made one of these for my friend after I made this one and instead, I only made one stencil and drew the pattern on the board with a pencil every four inches and then just painted in between the lines. That was actually a lot easier.

I forgot to take pictures when I painted on the numbers, but you get the idea. I did the first foot 6" from the bottom, instead of 12" because you hang it 6" off of the ground, if that makes sense!

Eden kept starring at it so I think he likes it!

Now we can keep track of this fast growing boy!


I hope this inspires you!

DIY Burp Cloths

I've heard cloth diapers are the best to use as burp cloths. I only had a few burp cloths and thought I could use more so I ran out to get some. I got them at Target and they came in a pack of 10. They aren't very cute, I guess they don't really need to be, your baby will be spitting up on these, but whatevs. I went and got some fabric at Joann's to spice them up a little. Does anyone else have a hard time picking out fabric? I was there for at least 30-40 minutes trying to find a fabric I liked. I finally decided on some, the same fabric I'd previously made a blanket for baby with. I couldn't resist, its super cute! So here is how to make the burp cloths more attractive.

BTW this is a great project for beginner sewers, it's very easy. I basically taught myself how to sew and honestly don't really know what I'm doing.

First, cut out a template as big as you want to cover the middle section of the burp cloth. I used a cereal box.

Place it on top of your fabric and cut your fabric a little bigger than your template. this leaves room to fold the fabric under to give it a finished look.

Iron the fabric around your template. You can skip this step but I found it easier to pin the fabric down after it was ironed because it stayed put.

Flip the fabric over on top of the burp cloth, fold under and pin down.

Now sew the fabric around the edge and you're done!

They also make great gifts and are easy to store. Just roll them up and stick them in the drawer!

If you have any questions please comment below!

Pregnancy Pictures at Home

I'm running out of time to take pictures of my belly bump so I'm trying to get in a few cute ones before my water breaks! I'm no expert at photography but I recently learned a couple of tips that have really helped me when taking indoor photos so I thought I'd share them.

White Balance: If you have a DSLR camera you should be able to change the white balance for your photos. Every camera is different but on my Nikon D5200 you go to "Menu" then "Shooting Menu" Scroll down to "White Balance" and scroll down to "PRE: Preset Manual". It'll ask you to take a picture of a gray or white object. I usually just take a picture of the wall. The camera automatically sets the white balance for you! Look up video tutorials on how to do this on your specific camera. I love this feature and have been amazed at how much better my photos look indoors and even at night!

Aperture: Taking pictures with your aperture fully open will give you the best lighting for your indoor pictures.

That's all I got so I hope those tips help! I'm trying to learn more and more about my camera and photography.

I have a small gorillapod tripod I've been setting up to take pictures with. for these photos I just set the timer and posed. Once finished I used Picmonkey to edit my photos. I didn't want to over edit so I basically just used the focal soften option under effects and focused in on my belly. Simple as that! 


Hope you enjoyed! I'd love to see your pregnancy photos! Tag me @havendeannablog on Instagram to share them with me!

How To Take a Pregnancy Silhouette Picture

I've seen these cute silhouette pictures on Pinterest and thought I better hurry and try it, I only have a few more days of pregnancy left, if that! It was hard for me to find a "how to" post, so I thought I'd do one myself. All you do is set your camera up on something or use a tripod, set the timer, and stand in front of your window with your arms under your belly. It would probably be easier with someones help but my hubby was at work. I chose to look at the camera because I don't care much for my facial profile but it looks cute when looking straight or down at your belly. I took mine around 5:30pm when the sun was lower in the sky but I imagine any time would work.  I always use Picmonaey for editing. When you edit, play with the exposure settings and contrast. When I was happy with the contrast levels I went to effects and tried the Daguerreotype filter and thought it looked good. Just play around with it, every picture will need different settings! Hope this helps!

DIY Recipe Plate

This will make a great Christmas gift, or you can just try it for yourself! I've always wanted to try a sharpie mug but just never got around to do it! They are so cute and the options are endless. I read up on if the sharpie actually washes off and I was saddened to find out that it does. I researched this after I already had made the plates! Don't make my mistake and make sure to use an oil based Sharpie, Not water based. I believe you can find these at any craft store. As long as you hand wash, and don't put them in the dishwasher, the writing should last. 

I used this recipe for the pumpkin bread. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds delicious!

 I also used a sugar cookie recipe on some of the plates. I've made these and they are so good! You can find the recipe here.


After writing your recipe of choice and some cute doodles, bake the plate for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. It's so simple!

Hope you enjoy making these as much as I did!